This is a piece of my “Kathy Weller Style” interiors board. (Yes, I will take one of everything, please!)

Monica Lee‘s Smart Creative Style class is starting up again in a few days. If you have been thinking about taking this e-course, I just have to share a little bit of my thoughts on that with you. Because, this class is awesome.

First I must get this out of the way… for myself, it was a very, VERY (V-E-R-Y) worthwhile investment.  I have to preface this by telling you that, in order to really get the most OUT of the class, you have to really show up for it, in a big way. You need to have the schedule available in order to take advantage of all that the class has to offer. And there is a LOT that this class has to offer. Go in mentally prepared to do the work, put the time in, and work hard. Ut-oh, I’m forgetting to tell you how much FUN it is. It is SO much fun, you will FORGET that you are working hard on your business. You won’t realize how far you will have come by the end of the class… until the end of the class. When you realize how much evolution has taken place.

And, at the END of the course, before I did ANYyyyythinGGGG else, I ACTED on what I had learned and absorbed. I dove into my rebranding with gusto. Hey, I had already figured out so much of where I wanted to go and what I wanted to SAY with it, during the class. NOW, it was execution time, baby! Win!

Then, I tackled my new web site. YES! Oh boy, was it scary. Okay look… It was terrifying! I’d avoided WordPress (actively, aggressively, I might add) since I started blogging in 2005. (I knew it was my perfect solution all along, but I was so afraid it would be too technical for me. Surprise, it’s not! though I did hire a WP guru to help me get going. Very worthwhile to do this.)  Anyway, NOW was the time to bite the bullet and do it. I was going to dive in and move to WP. I was going to change everything. Stuff I’d been doing for years. But you know what? I NEEDED TO. It was TIME! And you know what else? SCS gave me the tools to do it—effectively, successfully and in a way that I felt really supported by a network of like-minded people. (The SCS community is the bomb.)  And all that confidence and comfort definitely helped me out in the guts department, too. I went into the whole project feeling smart, WISE, educated and INTELLIGENT about the choices I was making. I had CLARITY. And I was not going to let that fade.  I dug in and got my hands dirty while the entire class was still totally, entirely fresh in my mind. ( This is something I recommend, by the way.)

My ultimate party

My ultimate party! (Would you like to read all about it? Let me know in the comments! If enough people do, I’ll post it.)

The course uses Pinterest extensively. (eye candy!). There is a LOT of ‘visual learning’ that happens. But, that is just one piece of the puzzle. There is also a lot of “thinky-writey” kind of learning that goes hand-in-hand with the eye candy part. The class works all of your cylinders. For me, some of the cylinders (the visual learning parts) greased the wheels for some of the other stuff I find more challenging to tackle (the tough questions!). This brilliant strategy totally worked on me. The answers to some of the questions eventually helped me to really see the nucleus of my work and aesthetic, without all of the white noise. (As an aside, you may, and probably will, make some very interesting and unexpected discoveries along the way. Be prepared for some earthquakes.)

Oh, hey and I did not even mention the VIDEOS.  Several per week, and they are completely content-rich-fabulous-wealth-of-information videos. And FUN! And exciting! And fascinating! You will watch them over and over. Absolutely full of goodness. High fiber! Among many other things, you will learn all about distilling your aesthetic, understanding it from the standpoint of marketing, sales, and who your customer is. This is super-huge-important point… I had some knockout revelations, myself.

One of the things that makes SCS so different from any other class I’ve taken is that the subject of the class is, really JUST YOU.  It is all self-reflective on the things that make you YOU and how that translates to your brand and offerings (or, consequently, how it may not! ) Everyone will have their own unique experiences and outcome because no one is like anyone else. and then, complete plan of attack to understand, distill, elevate, market, brand. WOW.

I had a series of “where have you BEEN all my life??” moments and experiences throughout the course. The way it is paced and the way information is tackled and the order it is introduced.. so intelligently. When you get to the end and you see and really understand the progression of the lessons, and how it all comes together it is an amazing thing, and it makes so much SENSE.


Smart Creative Style
So to sum it all up… If you are looking for a class that will help you in the way that this class helped ME, PLEASE dig into SCS. The new session starts on Tuesday. I cannot recommend it enough. Earthquakes Guaranteed.

WIN a Scholarship to SCS
OH!!! And This is BIG — if you haven’t already, hop on over to Jenean Morrison’s blog and read her review of the SCS course, and if you leave a comment you will be entered into a drawing to WIN a FREE SCS e-course scholarship!!! This is huge huge huge and it ENDS on Monday Feb. 10, 11 am EST, so get your comments in NOW!

(By the way, I’m not an affiliate. I just love the class and I appreciate all I have gotten out of it. It was completely amazing for me, and it has the potential to be amazing for anyone else who dives in.)