Having Julie with me was the best thing EVER. LOVED having her in my booth with me!!

Okay. It is absolutely RIDICULOUS that I have not done a single blog post on Surtex yet. I can’t even believe it. BUT… I can tell you WHY. I have been so busy, guys. I mean, really…  head poppin’ off, fifty-seven-things-at-once, crazy-awesome-busy. BUT!!! That does not mean I cannot take a little tiny breakie tonight to slap up some shots from Surtex 2014. Mega-fantastic-amazing Surtex 2014.  But I totally cannot write you a play-by-play right now, even though I would love to. The pics are all I got in me right now. I do hope you enjoy them! 🙂  If I could, and I am so totally serious, I would write you a book about the show. I mean, I wish I could, but I’m really busy writing something ELSE, hint hint hint! (And… you’re gonna LOVE it!!) SO, I have to get back to that NOW… but I wanted to share these photos with you before JUNE kicks in. 4 hours to go. I’m right on time! OH boy.

I have to preface my pics to tell you that there are a lot of special times we had at the show that are not shown in these pics. But I spent time with some great friends and amazing peeps, and I really had the most incredible time EVER. EVER. E V E R. e v e r. everrrrrr.

I have to give a huge shout out to my sister Julie who drove to the show and was my right arm for a little over half the show. I think, if she doesn’t come willingly next time, I may just have to kidnap her because she was A-MAAAA-ZING!!! And THANKS my good friend Nicole who drove both of us, AND both of our booths,  back to our state of Massachusetts!!

Ok.. Enjoy the pics!! OH, and there are links at the bottom of the post, to everyone you see here.


Set-up day. G O O F B A L L.


I’m really proud of how my booth came out! Lots of fun things to see and play with!


Day two! Antje and Jacqui my friends from MATS class came by my booth! How fun it was to meet them in person! And Jacqui took some of my favorite photos of the whole trip! Thank you Jacqui!


This is the amazing Ani from MAGIA PURA. She is in Argentinian artist I met on Facebook. I adore this woman. She is pure positivity. Do you know that she brought me a hand-painted mug from Argentina?? She Did!!!!!! LOVE! HER!


Here is a better pic of Ani and me!




This is my greeting card guru John from RSVP.


This is the fabulous Heather from Peter Pauper Press!


Here is one more pic of Ani with the lovely Monica! We had a bit of a party in the hallway, I must say. I was worried my booth neighbors were getting annoyed with me! I never want to be the annoying neighbor! You know what I mean? X-P


My “goodbye, booth” photo. sniff, sniff. I sure loved my booth… and it sure loved me back! 🙂

Ani from MAGIA PURA:

Monica Lee:

Jacqui Crocetta :

Antje Martens-Oberwelland:

Peter Pauper Press:

RSVP Cards:

Nicole Tamarin:

Julie Vecchio,  my sister (she is a master framer-artiste-entrepreneur) :