ChallengeYourselfDon’t be put off by trying something new just because it’s challenging.

Nothing worthwhile is ever easy.
(Stone-cold FACT.)

So… just jump in. (Sometimes, acting before thinking is the SMART thing to do.)
Find a GOOD e-course that resonates with you. Read books! Watch You Tube videos. Google to infinity and beyond.
If the new thing gives you a slight case of overwhelm, that is not necessarily BAD. Slight-to-moderate discomfort is where real learning takes place. (However, if you’re experiencing absolute and utter DREAD, maybe you should bag it.)
But, when you’re charged up and excited and a little tingly from the combo of nerves and adrenaline, just go with it. See where it takes you.

The buzz-kill moment (sorry)

Not everything is gonna be a good fit. This is where you learn what some of your weaknesses are. BUT! Knowing your weaknesses is JUST as important as knowing your strengths. That is your own personal evolution. So, congratulate yourself. When you give something a really good try, and then you find out that you absolutely hate it, you can grant yourself official permission to “get crafty” and find a way to “make it work” (perhaps by outsourcing stuff, if you can). That intel alone is worth the price of admission.

The silver lining moment (NOT sorry)

The good news is, the more new things you try, the more shockingly-awesome hidden talents you will discover about yourself. Perhaps even a long-dormant talent will resurface. (Mind blown!) See? You’ve got hidden ninja skills hiding inside that you don’t even know are in there. Dig them up!

NOW you know what you’re ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE at!
And you ALSO know what you NEVER, EVER, EVER need to do again! (EVER!)

High Five yourself. That is HUGE!

Knowing where you should and shouldn’t be putting your time (for both happiness and productivity) will make you more self-aware in general.

And, Look. Self-awareness is TOTALLY under-rated.

You don’t hear a lot of people talking about how grateful they are that their co-worker (or so-and-so) is “so self aware, and that makes them a pleasure to work with”. Usually, it’s the opposite, right?
By knowing your own in’s and out’s, you don’t waste your time or anyone else’s. You have better focus, and you know where to put that focus for the best result (and where NOT to put it). You have fewer “blind spots” when it comes to yourself and the world around you.

Think of how many people you’ve worked with that couldn’t think or see past their own nose. That’s, like, 80% of people.

So basically, you’re a genius.