There is no template for a career in art licensing.

Everyone’s career is going to take different twists and turns. I’ll be the first to tell you that I don’t have ALL the answers. (NO ONE does!) But, I DO have a very unique and special combination of experience, knowledge + wisdom in some specific areas of the business!

If you’ve found yourself HERE, you probably already know a bit about me.

But in case you don’t, in a nutshell: since 2010, I’ve been licensing my art + character brands. I have closed several (in the double-digits) licensing partnerships + deals in gift, stationery and publishing markets. I have worked with some of the best, most sought-after gift manufacturers in the business. I have launched my licensed + branded lines at AmericasMart Gift Show and have exhibited at numerous trade shows. I know this business as only an independent, determined, tenacious, intrepid, make-it-or-break-it professional artist can know this business.

Ever hear of “Analysis Paralysis”?

I came into licensing after YEARS of studying it. I studied it inside-out, upside-down, and sideways! I know first-hand that you can study + study + STUDY ’til the COWS come home… but NOTHING is a better teacher than EXPERIENCE. You’ve simply got to DIVE IN, GET BRAVE, and JUST DO IT.

Some things aren’t so easily figured out in a Facebook Group.

You’re on your own, right? And sometimes, that can be overwhelming. There are moments of uncertainty, or a fork in the road, where another viewpoint can be particularly helpful, maybe even critical— from someone who’s been there, done that, and got the t-shirt… plus the snow globe and the fridge magnet, too!

My areas of expertise:

  • Character licensing + branding for the independent artist
  • Building and nurturing client relationships
  • Pitching + packaging your brand
  • Social media for the independent artist
  • Product concepting in synergy with YOUR work
  • Greeting card licensing
  • Trade show advice
  • Etsy shop strategy, tips + advice

What I offer you:

My own wisdom— HARD-WON. Yes! You can learn from MY mistakes. We ALL make ’em, but YOU can make fewer than I have. Helping you discover where to focus YOUR energies to best serve YOUR goals. My tools, tips, and systems, wherever and however they apply to your specific needs. Clarity. Knowledge. Understanding. Honesty. Support. Tips (and tips and tips)!

So, how do we work together?
I offer one-on-one consulting support + service on an hourly basis.  For first-timers, I offer the option of a half-hour session.

Let's find out if I am a good fit to help you with your specific needs! Please fill out the form below, and I will be in touch. I look forward to chatting with you.

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