My story (so far).

Hey there!
It’s been over a year since I have posted. There’s no better way to restart my blog than to tell you how I got to where I am today. 


I was a graphic designer and illustrator for 
The Boston Globe / in Sales and Marketing for 17.5 years, when I got laid off in 2015.

Don’t worry. It wasn’t tragic. See, I’d started my own biz in 2005– a “side hustle” that I always fully intended to go full-time with, ONE day. Just didn’t know WHEN. 
It started out as a custom pet portraiture biz, then morphed into children’s illustration, then greeting card licensing and art licensing for products.

By 2012, I’d exhibited 3x at licensing trade shows, and attended additional shows. I was working two FT jobs, and was hustling so hard, I barely slept.

But, when your dreams start materializing, you run with it.


Never stop dreaming, never stop doing.


Back to 2012… I launched my first (in retrospect, my only) fabric line with Northcott. I was working on my first character brand collection with a major gift co (Demdaco).


I also started refocusing my Etsy biz to print-on-demand and began my mug line. I sold on Etsy back then, but I also dabbled in many other platforms, at the same time (Was it A LOT? Yes.)

I continued art licensing, and creating, connecting, and working. (And still, not doing much sleeping).

In 2015, I brought Cats At Work to SURTEX: and it all went bananas 🍌🍌🍌 in a good way. Got several licenses for Cats, bonkers. Same year, I spoke at a design conference for the first time and did a live hand lettering workshop there, too. Faced my anxiety, embodied my biggest fear. Didn’t die.

Bonus: realized I could teach. ❤️

Got laid off in late 2015 from my day job. Like I mentioned, I wasn’t sad about it. 🌱 Had perfectly positioned myself to go full time with my indie art biz.

Ok, but…
However great 2015 was, it was ALSO getting a little dark:
My burn-out was starting to scream.

It became especially obvious when I acquired a stubborn and potentially dangerous infection on my Surtex trip.
I was sick for six months.

I also ran into some snags in my biz that derailed me, made me feel powerless, gave me major anxiety, and left me in a holding pattern for a long stretch.

During that time, I switched my focus to parts of my biz that didn’t have anything to do with OTHER parts of my biz.

My mug line, which I’d been doing for a few years at that point, came to the forefront. I tried more print-on-demand product formats in my shop 👕 and, I also decided to branch out and try something NEW. I jumped into YouTube (I actually credit YT for saving me from being a depressed puddle, at that time.)❤️

As time went on and I juggled my Etsy shop and my Shopify shop, I took an audit of my biz and realized, with clarity AND with my ego in check (vy imp) that my Etsy shop was pretty much kicking my Shopify’s hiney, in terms of effort spent vs. pay-off.

So, I woke up, smelled the coffee beans and decided to go all-in on Etsy.

(I made a comprehensive video all about the reasons WHY I did this.).

Then, Etsy Wholesale came and went, but it existed *just long enough* for me to hop on board and realize the promise wholesale held for my biz, when I had the right wholesale platform partner.

Soon, Faire hit the scene, and the rest is history. Now, my mugs are in over 200 independent U.S. retail shops, and growing. ( for list of stockists).

Ok! So that’s my BIZ evolution…

Which brings me to my evolution with my Etsy shop!

I talk ALL about my evolution as an artist on Etsy selling print-on-demand in this video I made.

I’m not sugar-coating it. The struggle was REAL… but! I’m a fighter, and I’m realllly stubborn. So, YES— there’s a HAPPY ending!

I have a new class in which I share how I was able to solve this struggle for myself.  If YOU are an Artist on Etsy, and you’re trying to make sense of print-on-demand, and trying to figure out HOW on  EARTH to make it work,  and the struggle is REAL for YOU too, I got you.

The class has five reviews so far so if you’re curious, read them on Skillshare:
Want to check out Skillshare? Get a FREE MONTH here:

If you’re interested in the class but you’re not on Skillshare and don’t want to be, visit my independent learning platform Creativity Takes Guts.

I love you guys, and THANK YOU for being here for me through the thick and thin of my journey as an Artist.

We are innovators, we are resourceful, we MAKE IT WORK, and we are GENEROUS, which I think is one of the keys to happiness in life….


I am here for you, and I share even more of myself and my journey in this class. I hope to help you reach higher with your business.

XO, Kathy 

Artist Resources during COVID-19

I’ve put together a bunch of resources for artists. Take a look:

Courses + Coaching

• Artist Kelly Rae Roberts is offering free and pay-what-you-can courses.

• Make Art That Sells is offering free tuition to the MBA (Money BadAss) course.

• The Abundant Artist is offering Pay-What-You-Will Coaching for Artists.

The following courses are offered through Coursera* platform:
• Museum of Modern Art NY is offering free online courses

• CalArts Intro to Typography
• CalArts Intro to Imagemaking

*Coursera courses are FREE for a seven-day trial but are $49/month thereafter, unless you AUDIT the course.
How to AUDIT:

When you click to sign up for a course,  you will get a box that says “Free 7-day Trial, and then pay $49 a month”.
There is a small “AUDIT” link in the bottom left corner. Click on that, then fill out the form, and then you will be able to continue on to enjoy the course WITHOUT having to enter in any credit card information.

Here’s more details about auditing a course on Coursera

For visual artists who are also musicians:
• Open Studio Jazz: Choose what you pay

Below is a compilation of sites that contain a compilation of COVID-19 resources for artists:

• WordPress: COVID-19 Freelance Artist’s resources

• Meow Wolf: COVID-19 Resources for Artists

• ArtNet: Artists Aid Resources during Coronavirus

• I Care If You Listen: COVID-19 Emergency Funding Artist Resources

• Adobe blog: Grants and Resources for Artists during COVID-19

• List of Arts Resources during COVID-19 Outbreak

Hope this helps!

A big change

I’m very much a passion-driven person. So, when my passion for things I usually love is dulled by things out of my control, and things just feel… HARDER to do every day, and you don’t realize what the culprit is, it’s like you’re stuck in a grey cloud of muck, and can’t get clarity.

I’ve been living in a pain cloud for a really long time. I’ve actually been successful at using my pain as a tool to help me overcome challenges and even help fuel me to reach big goals!! (Positive self-talk is a very powerful thing!) I have always been led (by medical professionals) to believe my pain was soft tissue based, so I sucked it up and just did everything I thought I could do to help it. Nothing ever really did, honestly- but I continued to try.

This year, my pain escalated and it was really getting to be too much for me to handle on the daily. So I finally saw a doctor about it (…again). This time was different though: the source was finally revealed. I found out I have a condition called congenital hip dysplasia. I also learned I was born with this (that’s the “congenital” part). It’s when your hip sockets aren’t deep enough to cover your bones. Theres more to it than that (obviously) but that’s the gist of it.

There’s all kinds of bad results from having this condition and living your entire life untreated. You’re walking around with misaligned hip bones, there’s cartilage deterioration, arthritis, bone spurs, and then the constant pain. 25 years and never knew it was bone-based. (Just six weeks ago I was at the gym stretching my painful hips out on the foam roller! 😱 ) My medical care givers always attributed my hip and knee pain to other conditions. But I always knew it was something else. I just never knew I’d ever actually learn the ANSWER to the mystery! Anyway, TA-DA! Mystery solved!

It’s incredible and shocking, but fixing the condition requires total hip replacement. I’m having my first one in four weeks. I am so excited to start on my road to less pain! Bring it on. I’m ready for the challenge.