THREE STEPS to getting ANY “THING” done

Picture this: You are going to do something BIG and AMAZING! Something you’ve ALWAYS WANTED to do. You’re gonna slay one of your BIGGEST dragons! You have 1000% faith in yourself, and you KNOW you have it IN you…


It’s something you’ve NEVER, EVER done before.

You may have an idea of how to go from point A to B to C, and maybe even to D.

But, THEN what?

After that?

You have NO idea.

Meantime, the deadline is looming.

You’ve talked to advisors who could offer you their experience-based advice. You’ve processed and applied what you could.

But, when push comes to shove, it’s ALL YOU. And it’s Game Time.

So how do you push forward, produce, and execute?



I’m sure it won’t be a popular statement. It’s probably not what you want to hear, and I’m sure I’ll get some finger-wagging for this one. But, I’m convinced that working on a 100% REAL deadline is what truly brings REAL results for MOST people.

Hey,look… I’d LOVE to CONFIDENTLY suggest that you work on a “SOFT” (imitation, pre-deadline) deadline. And, if I thought it was actually EFFECTIVE, I totally would.

(So, If you CAN hang with a soft deadline? I say, go for it.)

But… here’s my experience with this…

The more INTENSE the project, and the more CHALLENGING it is to you, and the more you have AT STAKE, and the more INTENSE your TERROR of not meeting your GOALS is— the better off you are to work on a REAL DEADLINE.

The emotions you will experience on a REAL DEADLINE will DRIVE you to EXECUTE— smartly, and without background noise. The true potency of this emotional cocktail surfaces,FOR REAL, when your deadline is straight-up, IN YO’ FACE. (That REALLY CRYSTALLIZES everything.)

It calls you out on any potential fidgeting, feet-dragging crap… and it FORCES you to execute. NOW.

Here is an example.

Last fall, I had an invitation to speak at a design conference for the first time ever! I had to prepare a 30-45 minute presentation. The appointment was booked in spring. I had never, ever, EVER done anything like this before. I was dead-set on crushing it, but I was afraid (okay, terrified) of public speaking. So, I hired a speaking coach to help me. I was ready to jump into the one-on-one training over the summer. Unfortunately, I became very sick in June, and it lasted the entire summer long. Despite this, I still did manage to do a good amount of preparation for my talk. I was being thoughtful, insightful, and deliberate about exactly WHAT I wanted to share, and HOW I wanted to share it. My available working time was very sporadic because of my illness. However, I still managed to get my presentation together, and the content was very good.

I did a run-through of my talk with a small focus group (consisting of two trust-worthy friends with balanced and fair opinions). I got great feedback from them, very helpful, which I was happy about.

Along the way though, I thought a LOT about what I WAS delivering in this talk… and, what I WASN’T.

And, pretty soon, even though the content was good, I started wondering whether THIS was the talk I even WANTED to DELIVER to THIS audience AT ALL!

And, after months of working on this very specific, deliberate, topic-focused talk…

Guess what happened?

I scrapped it.

With two weeks to go, I scrapped the entire thing, and decided to do something completely different.

Did it MATTER that I “started early”?

By starting early, I KNOW that I did the right thing, FOR ME— because of my anxiety problem. Despite the original talk’s fate, I might not have been able to give ANY talk, had I not been through my false start.

However, the CLARITY regarding the CONTENT that I wanted to deliver didn’t actually SURFACE for me until RIGHT BEFORE the event.

(For REAL!)

Okay! So this all sounds GREAT to you… except for ONE small detail…

You don’t HAVE a deadline.


Actionable Step:


Take a chance! Put yourself in the Hot Seat! Reach out to someone and offer them your genius.
See? Now, you not only have a deadline, you’re also ACCOUNTABLE to the person who said YES to you.

Problem solved!


The GOOD NEWS IS, a tight timeline can have a truly magical effect. It can create an aura of clarity, discipline, productivity. It has a way of forcing you to stay on point and not stray from your main message and goals.

Actionable Step:


A REAL, LIVE, LOOMING deadline can put your mind in such a distilled state of intense information production, that you may just perform and execute even better than you thought possible.


If you’re creating ARTWORK, you may produce better-quality art for your end goal, and you might produce MORE than you originally planned on.

If you’re WRITING and creating CONTENT, you may come up with more in-depth information (or higher quality content) than you anticipated.


WHATEVER it is that you are creating, when you are working at a HIGHER FREQUENCY, the RESULTS will REFLECT that.



(Even if you THINK you have NO IDEA HOW.)

The first BIG HURDLE is that you simply don’t know HOW to work out the steps because you have never DONE it before. You’re looking for THE BLUEPRINT for what you’re trying to do.


Truth is, There are ALWAYS gonna be SEVERAL ways to get from point A to point B or C or D, no matter WHAT your task is.

If you ask TEN people how each of them accomplished the SAME task, you’ll get TEN different answers. Try it!

Anyway, all of this isn’t going to actually HELP you solve the problem of working out the steps to your “recipe”.

But, let’s paint a picture of the DANGERS of WAITING to start until you have it “all figured out”.

Actionable Step:

In order to figure ANY THING out, you have to START DOING.



Don’t WAIT for inspiration to strike. Don’t WAIT for “answers”. Don’t WAIT for a mythical blueprint. Start building your OWN blueprint NOW– by getting to work!

• SQUELCH THE DOMINO EFFECT before it starts

Overthinking and under-doing has OTHER negative effects: The Domino Effect.

First, it will STUNT your progress and DESTROY your momentum.

…Then, INSIDIOUSLY and without warning, it will crack the door open to the horrifying “second-guessing” MONSTER.

This can send you down a scary rabbit hole of self-doubt.

It’s Sad.

It’s not YOU in all your shiny, bright, amazing, SHARING-self glory.

You don’t want to go there.

So, get FOCUSED, get REAL, get OUT of your own WAY, and START slaying that dragon!