I’m starting the week “behind”.

I’m behind on my subscriber email. I’m behind on my Mug Life email. I’m behind on mug releases.  AND I’m behind on a few OTHER things, too. Of course, like 💯 things!

But….here’s my TRUTH: 

There’s always more things I wanna do, more IDEAS I’m bursting to EXECUTE on than I actually have HUMAN-EARTH-HOURS to actually execute on WITHIN the timeline that I WANT to get them DONE on. THAT is just a fact of life.


The truth is, it might actually even be MORE than okay. Because I know that I have the VISION and the IDEAS. Quite honestly, not everyone can say the same, and I am totally AWARE of that fact!! I am grateful that I’m not in a deficit there & I honor that. So, I’d rather have too many ideas, than not enough— even if I can’t get to them ALL RIGHTTHISVERYMINUTE. 

The OTHER thing is:

I trust TIMING.

I trust the TIMING of the UNIVERSE, and I trust the TIMING of MY OWN INNER-universe. And I respect how those two SYNERGIZE.

So the wisdom in that is that I get the stuff done that is MEANT to get done at the point in TIME that it is MEANT to get done IN. 

The work that is most impactful, has the most consequence NOW, has most true passion and purpose behind it at that moment—that is the work I will put in the time for first.



(I GOTTA!! It’s my OWN ‘universal clock’!) 

So, in the end, I guess I’m not REALLY “behind”.

In terms of the great timer in the universe, I’m actually probably right ON time… with EVERYTHING! 

Watch the Periscope talk (below) inspired by this post with me and Jeanetta Gonzales.