I have been working on so many new mug designs lately. I’m starting to think about ways to expand the art usage, so I have begun to add a step of vectorizing my art into my workflow! It’s sort of magical process because you can watch your raster artwork turn into scalable vector artwork very quickly and easily. It makes it possible to enlarge a piece of art without loss of image quality, which is simply not possible with raster art. It’s not new to me— I’ve used this method for years with Cats@Work— but it’s fun to start using it again to see what is possible in this process, with a different, more detailed style of artwork. There is a caveat: the method does not create details or finessing where there is none, and when you are enlarging a previously smaller piece of artwork, there will be portions and details that need finessing! But, this is a great method to provide you with a base so that you can then prepare your now LARGER work for further utilization! I would love to hear your feedback and additions to this method! There are many tweaks you can use, depending on the art, and there are probably a handful of different methods you can use to do this in Illustrator. Please leave a comment to share your own ways!