• POST a piece to Instagram that you’ve deemed crappy– a lost cause, a reject… one you’ve abandoned*.

ANNOUNCE your intention to revive it, rescue it, give it some respect…use the hashtag #crappyartchallenge.

• Now >> FINISH that piece!!
Finish it
 with freedom, experimentation, humor, and whatever else keeps you moving through that place of “THIS is CRAP!”
(LISTEN: Shut down that part of your brain, laugh it off, tell it to take a hike, do whatever you need to do, but go forth and FINISH THAT PIECE! #DoItForYOU )

• POST TO INSTAGRAM.*  Post your finished piece to Instagram with the hashtag #crappyartchallenge, so we all can see it, tribe out together and send you #goodvibes and positivity!!

* YOU can announce post and post the finished art in the SAME POST, if you like. Totally up to YOU!


This painting was how I used up the rest of my palette after swatching my new Holbein Artist Gouache set yesterday.

So… This piece started out rough…

SO rough, in fact, that I publicly shouted out my intention to start the #crappyartchallenge on my Instagram story.
(What is the #crappyartchallenge ? KEEP READING!)

Suffice to say, I beat the odds with this piece! I actually love ❤️  how it came out…

But, if you saw it in its early stages, and you felt what I was feeling while making it, you wouldn’t know it. It was a mess… a Hot Mess. 🔥 I thought it was a goner. #notkidding

But, I kept going with it. Putting ego aside and just hitting experimentation mode, discovery mode, nothing-left-to-lose mode (call it what you will) amazing things can and do happen.


Sometimes, when we think it might be a lost cause and we are at the precipice, we just need to keep going and finish what we started.

For ONE thing, there’s a lot of power in just FINISHING what we START. Most likely, we will be freer to just experiment, and we’ll probably pick up a new method to try again later.

But, ANOTHER thing is: MAYBE it was actually just going through the UGLY phase, and it was on its way to becoming a beautiful SWAN.

If we jump ship EARLY, we’ll NEVER know.

It’s for this (and other reasons) I think we should celebrate our cast-off’s and would-be failures with the #crappyartchallenge . We can laugh in the face of self-criticism, and celebrate the PROCESS (instead of focusing on the outcome)!