Be the change you want to see in the world. Do something. Stand up for those who need support.

What once may have felt like a bunch of nice quotes but little more than platitudes, is now our new reality.

Yup, I know the initial “earthquake” happened a year ago. Since then, there’s been a constant stream of aftershocks, more “earthquakes” (literally, figuratively)… and now hurricanes and natural destruction… and domestic terrorism, mass murder. (???!!!)

What we see: Hate. Destruction. Ignorance. And, I’m tired of it. It’s strangling us as a society, as a community, as a people! (We are all humans, here. Have we forgotten this little detail?)

But, we also see the helpers. (Just ask good ol’ Mr. Rogers. Brilliant man.)

I want to be a helper. I want to be part of the solution. I like to think I already am.

But lately, I’ve realized something.

If I’m not really diving into the deep end of the pool, if I’m not holding my own feet to the fire + finding ways I can put my mouth and my engine to work to help this mess we are in, and trying to do something in a way that is congruent with my passions (and my art + biz is my passion) — then, really— I’m not making a ripple.

So, I’m trying. Putting my WHOLE SELF behind my efforts. (I won’t go down without a fight.)

Still— sometimes— oftentimes— it doesn’t feel like enough. I am just one person. YOU are just one person.

But the truth is, EVERY BIT HELPS. Every bit of money, every bit of awareness, every bit of support. Every bit of passionate YOU that’s behind your desire to help. Every. Little. BIT.

There’s also something that also happens under the surface. There is a beautiful ripple effect that often happens when individuals help in a way that is inclusive of their WHOLE self. Others see you helping in this way. Then, they are inspired to also share of themselves in their own special way that helps, as well. It’s an amazing thing.

So, even if you are all alone trying to do something to help, even if you only end up raising a tiny amount of money— don’t worry. IT MATTERS.

The money is of course, important!! BUT, by virtue of putting your heart behind your efforts, you’re contributing MORE than that. You’re sharing the BEST of yourself, as well. Your ENERGY. Your POSITIVITY. That inspiration you are spreading is equally important. Someone is out there— listening to you, hearing you. Someone is affected + inspired by you. You made someone stop + think. Maybe they’ll do something, too.

So, please don’t ever think your efforts to help are in vain. I know it can be disheartening at times. (I’m a professional at hiding under a rock. We all have to stretch a little.)  But if you inspire just one other person to act in the way they can best use their talents for the greater good, or even to simply THINK about what they might do to help too, then you’ve done a lot right there.

Positivity. Peace. Love. Unity. Helping!! Justice for all.

It’s not a one-and-done thing. We need to keep at it, and have our actions reflect it. These days, anything less doesn’t feel right. Because, even if it doesn’t always feel like it, someone is paying attention, and you’re making a difference. YOU are creating positive change. Yes, YOU.