It’s funny how sometimes, the traits that frustrate you in those you love can be the same traits that you find the most endearing, and respect and revere the most, when they are gone.

Eadie was stubborn in small ways that sometimes made me sigh and roll my eyes. But that independent spirit carried over into a resolve she projected in big ways— integrity, self respect, standing her ground, not backing down. Ways that mattered. She was one of the most loyal people I ever knew. I can’t begin to express how much I will miss her.

This picture above shows Eadie, center right, beside her father, Nicola aka Papa, who lived to be 99 years old. Eadie’s mother passed away from stroke at 52. She was nine years old then. Her oldest sister Mary took on the role of mother to the youngest Eadie and the rest of their eight sisters and two brothers (12 in all).

Eadie was the last Sorrentino sibling to pass away. She was my husband’s great Aunt, which sounds so removed. But that relativity does not at all accurately define who she was, the role she played and the influence she and some of her sisters were in his life from birth to now, as well as in our lives together once I entered the fray. We renovated and moved in to the tiny house next door to her in 2013, part of her property. When that happened, we were glad to finally be so close to her and the family. I am so glad we were able to be there for her daily, especially when she needed us the most. She was a person of huge importance in our lives and will remain so, always. Eadie was 91. Sisters left to right: Lena, Eadie and Phyllis, Papa’s three youngest children.