I have always loved working small. Full disclosure: I’ve worked BIG, too! Big is nice. It’s full. It’s loud, regardless of subject matter. It’s physically imposing. You simply CAN’T overlook it.

But working small can be JUST as powerful… just in a quiet, more understated, intimate way. Smaller art seems to suit my inner-world language, my emotional language, and my aesthetic, very well. Always has.

In college, I was a painting major (Fine Arts 2D at @massartboston ). I was a painter. I painted small. But, ALSO, I painted BIG. One of our greatest challenges as painters was to OPEN up, and get LARGE. I’m talking about in EVERY way you can think of (emotionally, and in the subject-matter mining sense…) but ALSO including PHYSICAL largeness—  size. .

I did. I went BIG. I really jumped into it. I was thrilled to sink myself into a huge piece and lose myself in it for days and days and days. It was as intense and dramatic as it sounds, at a time in my life when EVERYTHING was intense and dramatic.

Big, HUGE oil portraits, and figurative art mixed with post-modern landscapes and strong personal themes on huge panels of scrap wood, and tall rolls of paper. Sobering themes dressed up in spring colors (buzzwords: intense + dramatic) on gigantic black tar paper that covered my studio walls, from top to bottom.

Still, through it all, I also always worked small. Small just always felt right for me and my style of communication and expression. Beyond that particular time in my life, I have almost always gravitated towards working small. It’s a hard thing to articulate WHY. It just is.

I’m glad I know HOW to work big, have experienced working big regularly, and have that in my back pocket. Future? I never say never. If, all the sudden, I got a HUGE studio? I’d definitely HAVE to dabble again. The allure of working BIG? It would be too great NOT to. ( It would however be FAR, FAR LESS intense + dramatic now. That is for sure!)

But, for me… small + intimate, elaborate yet delicate, painstaking yet immediate + intuitive- that’s my number right there.

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