Ever have a cute, fuzzy little pet project sitting on the back-burner of your To Do list, and no matter HOW MUCH you love it, believe in it, and have endless enthusiasm for it, you just never seem to be able to push it from One-Of-These-Days to NOW-OR-NEVER?

That was me, last week. Well, guess what? I did it! I finished the project. It’s a new mini-class called How to Make Hand Drawn Gift Wrap Using Recycled Paper. BONUS: I come to you with NOT ONLY a HAPPY ENDING to this story, but I’m ALSO sharing the all-important WHY*.

What moved this project from One-Of-These-Days to NOW-OR-NEVER status

Reason one: the impending holidays lit a fire under my butt. I wanted the class to be available as early as possible to encourage others to put self-expression above perfection with their gift wrapping this year! (And, while we’re at it, let’s use recycled paper and give a gift to the planet, too!)

Reason two: art is my business. And the truth is, I spend a *lot* of time talking up a storm about the *biz* part of that equation. But, as much as I love talking biz, I also love to talk about about the *art* part, too! This project was just calling out to me and saying FINISH ME FIRST, PLEASE! And I said Ok, I will. you’ve been patient enough!

Reason three: the feeling of accomplishment and pride! Finishing something you start can have such a monumental effect on your motivation level to get *other* projects finished. I let this one “cut the line” on my To Do list because, after reasons one and two, I also thought I could finish it within a certain timeframe. (I succeeded! Yay!) I also knew that, when I finished it, I’d feel GREAT and would be *totally primed* to return to other in-progress projects with a renewed sense of urgency! So, all told, it’s definitely a Win-Win!

I hope that reading my story helps to stoke an ember in *you* to finish something that *you* have sitting on the back-burner, too. I KNOW you can do it.