(Photo: watch the relaxing video at bit.ly/relaxingart )

This year has opened my eyes to being more intentional in how I spend my time, and what I spend my time on.

Changing things that aren’t working right can be a hard thing to face and consider. They can be tough to identify, to begin with. Then, admitting that the changes need to be made? It can feel like you’re staring up a mountain from the bottom. But, it’s a really important thing to do. Once you’re making decisions to evolve in a different way and you’re past the tougher parts of that whole process, it’s actually very liberating. You feel much freer, and definitely happier. And, that’s all a part of the end goal! So, here’s to the new year, and to really paying attention to what the universe is trying to tell us, and then to getting out of our own way and actually ACTING on that evolution and making changes we need to make to create more joy and intention in our lives. Happy 2022!