I started posting almost-daily videos of my drawings and paintings to Instagram/Facebook/TikTok/YouTube about a month ago. I started as a total reset, a refocus on what’s most important to me. My work slowly had become driven by tasks that weren’t primarily focused on the actual process of making art. Then, last summer when I had my second torn retina, it really turned around my brain in terms of how I’m spending my creativity and my energy, my talents and my time. Suddenly, it was very clear that my eyesight could be altered permanently at any moment moving forward, and it made me view everything I was doing through a fresh lens- it was instant perspective, and when the dust settled I felt an urgent need to change things. I just wanted to spend time in a different zone: the art zone, sharing art process, and a n the creative inspiration zone. So, my more recent shake-up (for details, read this Instagram post) is now only making me MORE inspired to continue as I have been with art and creative inspiration content.
Can’t wait to get back to it!❤️