Christmas advice

HAPPY HOLIDAYS. Remember to take care of YOU this holiday. 1) We ordered a dinner from Whole Foods, because I don’t have time to make one (I love to cook, when there’s time)  and we always go to other people’s houses these days and we really miss having our own dinner and leftovers and I was super excited to cook it and it got away from me. If you can’t outsource, cut tasks off your list. Just do it. 2) Sleep and rest= two different things, both important. 3) Hey, I love my 🍻 too but PLEASE REMEMBER that alcohol is a depressant and can easily emotionally trigger us, and you might be in an emotionally vulnerable position with the relatives. So be careful. And doing too much of either / both can really mess with your body and head that night and next day (and for some people, for DAYS. Plural.) 4) and 5) Self-explanatory. 6) One year, we didn’t get a tree. I forget why, but I remember how depressing it was to not have a tree. It really bummed us out! We don’t mess around anymore. We must have our tree. Even if it’s a few sticks with some pine needles!🎄


New Wholesale!

Earlier this year, I tried out Etsy Wholesale. It was an extension of Etsy, but for wholesale buyers— a marketplace for them to discover new makers to stock their stores with unique products! I was an EW member from March until they closed up shop in late June. In that time, I discovered a whole new world! So, When Etsy Wholesale closed, I explored other wholesale platforms to partner with. I landed on two: Indigo Fair and Hubba. I wanted to make it as easy as possible for my potential and current customers to shop wholesale with me. Many brick-and-mortar stores are already signed up with one of these platforms (and if you’re not, get busy! It’s a whole new world for YOU, too!) If you’re a shop and would be interested in carrying my mugs, give a look to these two platforms. I’ve added a page to give you direct links as well as to answer questions you may have about working with me wholesale! 😀

Why I Killed My E-Course

In Summer 2016, I had created an e-course for an online course platform. In August of that year, I ran the class in a live three day webinar. (After the live webinar classes, it was offered up as a recording.) Fast forward to October 2016: I left the teaching platform and got my ecourse back in my possession so I could host it independently, or do whatever I wanted with it. What happened next? I made a video where I share the whole story: The good, the bad and the ugly of trying to reformat a class and all of the realizations, changes in direction and a-ha moments. Listen to how it all went down here.