Im a chronic oversharer.

That’s the truth!

 So, my emails are organized into segments, so you can pick out exactly what info you’d like to get:

In my Art and Life monthly email I share details about the previous month in— you guessed it, art and life!
What I’m working on, my latest obsessions, things that worked out (and things that didn’t! ) and behind-the-curtain stuff, like upcoming products, classes, art projects and more. (Basically, I touch a-little-on-everything in this email.) 

Shop Mail’s your gal if you’d like to know about the latest products and promotions in my Etsy shop, shop sales, and special offers I create exclusively for Shop Mail subscribers!

Art Drops fam is for you if you’re interested in all the fun and arty details on upcoming original art releases and in-person events!

Join one (or all) of my email fams below! 

Art and Life Monthly

Every month,
I share my

Art and Life
with you…

What’s lighting me up,
What’s inspiring my work,
What’s happening with the shop,
What’s going on in day-to-day life.✨

If you’re interested in new classes and other projects that are currently in development, this is the email list to hop on!

Frequency: Once a month.

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Shop Mail

Get updates on Everything-My-Product-Based-Shop! New product releases, sales and promotions, and special offers I create only for subscribers to this email!

Frequency: Typically 1-2 times a month.

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Art Drops + In-Person Events

Get updates on original art releases and in-person events.

Interested in original art? Whenever I have a new release or an in-person event to share, I will share it with you here first! 

Frequency: 6-12 times a year.

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