The P.O.D. Primer for Artists

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All levels

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Total running time:

41 minutes

In this class, you will learn:

P.O.D. companies by Type— including the Pros and Cons of each, and what to keep in mind, should you move forward with a Type

What an A.P.I. is—what it does, and HOW it can directly affect YOUR bottom line

What a “Single-Source” P.O.D. is—and why it’s important for you to know what it is, AND its potential benefits to YOU


By the end of this class,
you will:

• Know which TYPE or TYPES of P.O.D. suppliers will work BEST for YOUR needs

• Have a good foundational understanding of how the different types of P.O.D. companies operate

• Know what YOUR non-negotiables are in a P.O.D. company, and also know where you can be more flexible

• Have a CLEAR picture of the of the P.O.D. industry landscape 

• Know what an A.P.I. is, and WHY it’s important to YOUR $$$ bottom line 

• Have a PATH, have a PLAN, and have the CONFIDENCE in knowing what you want to achieve with P.O.D.

What’s included:

10 Lesson videos

1 Workbook PDF

This class delivers the Pros, the Cons, and everything in-between, so you can get CLEAR on what TYPES of P.O.D. companies are out there, HOW they operate, and figure out what aspects best align with YOU, so you can confidently choose the best TYPE of P.O.D. company (or companies) that fit in BEST with YOUR business.

See you in class!

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